booking terms and conditions

By organising a booking with Sofia Haze, you are making a commitment to carry yourself in a respectful and considerate manner. This is a legal, registered business – please treat it as such. 

booking conduct

to abide by my current covid-19 policy, I request that you take a shower to freshen up before we commence any intimacy. fresh towels and toiletries are provided. please leave your personal belongings in the bathroom.

good health and hygiene are essential for the booking to go ahead and for certain services to be performed. 
service will be declined to patrons presenting poor personal hygiene, sti or other illness; the booking will be terminated with the payment forfeited. if you feel unwell, please reschedule for another time.


disrespectful behaviour will result in the booking being terminated with payment forfeited. disrespectful behaviour can include but is not limited to non-consensual acts, overt roughness and digging for deeply personal information.



i respectfully ask that we get the business out of the way at the beginning of the appointment, this way we can simply enjoy each others company. i may ask for a moment alone to count the funds.
my preferred payment method is cash on arrival, however a fund transfer via beem it is also available. all payments owed must be received prior to commencing.


if beem it is your preferred payment method, I ask that the app is set up and ready to go upon your arrival. the time the app takes to set up will unfortunately cut into the specified booking length. download beem it.



a deposit guarantees that the specified date and time you’ve booked is all yours! a deposit is a sum payable as a first instalment, the balance being payable later. I generally request a $100 deposit.

deposits are payable via Beem It or Prezzee Smart eGift Card. please confirm with me for my payment details.

deposits are non-refundable should the patron cancel or no show. if the patron allows sufficient notice, the deposit may be transferred to a future date. 
if the companion cancels, a rescheduling or refund will be offered. please be aware that deposits via prezzee are non-refunable.

Please note that the companion is unable to offer a refund or transfer on remaining booking time if the patron chooses to leave early.


while I very much enjoy hearing from my regular patrons, I politely ask that excessive messaging between bookings is kept to a minimum. It’s lovely to leave some topics to catch up on when we see each other face to face. In saying that, feel free to drop me an email or interact with me on twitter.
out of discretion for both parties, overly explicit or graphic communication may result in the booking being cancelled with deposit forfeited. this includes dick pics.

Thank you for your understanding x