Allow me to introduce myself...

Hello Gentlemen. My name is Sofia Haze, professional dick therapist at your service!


 Gentlemen, welcome and thank you for checking out my website. 

Allow me to get the dull bits out of the way, the photos you see are real, recent and a genuine representation of myself (although I seem to smile more and pout a little less in real life!). I work privately, meaning you will always only be communicating with me – your privacy and discretion are paramount.

In meeting me, you can expect my appearance to be sexy, yet relaxed; my professional images and candid selfies tend to depict this. I like to wear makeup that accentuates my natural features and may wear my hair long or short, depending on the day. I find myself happiest embracing a heel free life – however I’m just has happy to don a pair if you would prefer, I’m always open to requests where possible!

My personality reflects the same versatility. I’m a great listener and love to ask questions but I also have a knack for silly banter and discussing the universes many mysteries… like why does bottled mineral water that has ‘trickled through mountain ranges for centuries’ go out of date next year?! 
Fear not, I don’t take myself too seriously and hold no judgement… after all, I do refer to myself as a ‘professional dick therapist’.

Engaging, indulgent and heartfelt is how I would describe myself in the bedroom. I am extremely sensual and love a gentle, thoughtful touch though I can also be partial to pretending that I’m a Hoover. 
Threesomes and foursomes are also available with a select few of my gorgeous girlfriends. The rest you’ll simply have to find out in person!

Feel free to peruse my social media accounts if you’d like to see more or get to know me better before we meet. Links to my Twitter, Snapchat and OnlyFans can be found in the ‘contact’ section of my website. 

Please note, I choose not to spend time with Caucasian Australian men aged under 25 years old. I happily see kind, respectful gentlemen of all other ages and nationalities.

I look forward to our date,
Sofia xx 


If you’d like to see more, get to know me better or simply confirm that I am indeed a real person; please check out my social media accounts.
Direct links to my Twitter, Snapchat, Website and XXX OnlyFans can be found below.