COVID-19 Policy and Practices: 

UPDATE - 7/12/2020
It is a requirement by the WA government for all businesses to maintain a contact registry, this includes adult services. 

To comply with this government direction, it is required that a paper record of each client be kept securely for 28 days. 
This registry should include the name and phone number you have chosen to supply. 

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I want to keep you informed of the practical steps that I am taking regarding the current COVID-19 pandemic to ensure the safety and well-being of myself and my clients.


I have always implemented a high standard of health and hygiene practices, these include:

 - A warm shower with soap is required at the beginning and end of booking for both client and myself.
- Personal belongings to be left in the bathroom.

- Gargling with mouth-wash is required. Disposable cups provided. 

- Hand sanitiser provided.

- Disinfecting high touch areas before and after each booking. 

- Thoroughly disinfecting the bathroom (shower, sink etc), bedroom (bedside tables, door knobs etc) and floor. 
- Washing linen and towels at the recommended 90 degrees. 


I am monitoring the situation regularly through the Department of Health’s official website and am taking on the advice given by official sex work organisations throughout Australia. I will make changes accordingly to any official advice issued by the Department of Health.

 Please be prepared to answer the following questions:
 - Have you developed symptoms such as fever, cough, sore throat or shortness of breath?
 - Have you travelled overseas in the past 14 days?
 - Have you been in close contact with anyone that has returned from overseas in the past 14 days?
 - Do you think that you may have been in close contact with any confirmed case of COVID-19?

If you are able to answer ‘no’ to all of the above questions, we can begin the booking process. 

Thank you for your patience on this matter. Let’s stay safe and healthy!

(Questions sourced from Health Engine)